Adding call to action on instagram

5 places to add call to action on instagram

One way to build up good engagement on your content or profile is by adding engaging Cta's. Let's look at the 5 creative ways to include them on instagram

In your bio

Examples : 

  • CTA to DM you to initiate conversations
  • Ask to visit the link in bio to generate website traffic

In the last slide of carousel

Examples :

  • CTA to ask for the audience’s opinion on your post by comments
  • Asking to visit a specific account of yours or buy a specific product

In your captions

Examples :

  • A catchy CTA at the caption header to get the attention so that the audience can read more
  • CTA to Follow your account

Maintain CTA’s Inside carousel


  • To Save or Share the Post (where ever applicable)
  • Adding directions to swipe till the end slide

In your reels/videos

Examples : Using text boxes of Calls to action can give you increased interactions

Proper calls to action can help people understand your actual offer. It will guide them to take the immediate next step after seeing your post/ad.

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