Business specific content

17 Business specific content resources

How can you get unlimited content specific to your business ?

  • Create Facebook groups

I know people mostly spam on facebook but searching some quality groups can boost your knowledge and exposure.

  • Note the queries you get online

You can learn a lot about your own work from the feedback that you get. You can use this to create more content that people would actually need.

  • Open discussion forums on quora etc.

As a brand your presence on community platforms to answer doubts and questions can improve your brand image. It can also help you get more insights on what can be improved.

  • Industry specific newsletters

Starting your own newsletter is a good way to get leads. But if you subscribe to other industry leaders, it can save you time. And you can get content that you can curate for yourself.

  • Niche related hashtags on social media

Hashtags can be a great space to look for interested customers, competitors and new content trends that you can use for yourself.

  • Share your business trends

If you follow niche blogs/websites, you will be up to date with the current advancements. That can be a good source for your content.

  • Data from your analytics

You can always be technical about your analytics and how you optimize your platforms. That data can be relevant and insightful for your audience.

  • Customer reviews and ratings

Testimonials and your client interactions are also a great content type to build your social proof.

  • Share what you learn

Are you taking up a new course? Share the new things you got to learn with your audience. It can help your learning along with creating your authority.

  • Online Content Generators

These could be of various types. For instance, keyword tools, tools for trimming long content etc.

  • Your products and services

What could be better than promoting your products/services with your content. Educate people about it and alondside get you content game sorted.

  • Competitor’s social media and website

You can learn a lot about content from your competition. Make sure you utilize their feed/website to be inspired and then do something better.

  • Tools that you use

This can be a powerful way to gain audience trust and support. Share some of your secrets and get those leads and potential clients.

  • History and famous case studies of your industry

If you have learnt something from the past, your audience too will be interested to know how trends have changed from a long time back to present date.

  • Principles and guidelines that you work on

Company ethics, your productivity hacks, these can be a great method to build trust with audience.

  • Your personal experience in industry

A little personalized learning and mentorship messaging will help you build authority. Your experience can be a teacher for everyone.

  • Your business expectations and promise

How you want your industry to behave and work in an optimal way. These insights can be a light bearer for your followers.

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