How do I expand my Instagram business organically ?

Growing Instagram business organically ?

There's a popular myth on social media growth. That says you have to advertise and spend money on promotions, if you want to grow on social. Advertising has its benefits no doubt. But growing Instagram business organically is surely possible.

Though it is a task that requires patience and consistency. The amount of work required varies though from account to account. It depends on your business goals and your niche as well.

Follow this 3 -Step process that can help you boost your organic presence.

1. Understand the trend of your niche

( First of : Growing Instagram business organically )

The first step in growing Instagram business organically is to study the niche. Not all niches work and grow in a similar way. Understand how your niche is working. Observe niche leaders and implement for yourself. 

For instance, If you are a blogger, you should not compare your strategies with a Pop Singer. Because your audiences don’t align . And you don’t want the same results from social media.

 What exactly to do then ?

  • Identify niche influencers that have the same audience as yours
  • Engage with their posts, stories, live sessions
  • What type of post formats do they use ? Type of lead magnets and hashtags that are working for them ? Identify and implement for yourself

Analysis of these can help you understand your niche better. A good understanding of basics can help open doors for organic growth. 

2. Find interested audience 

( Second of : Growing Instagram business organically )

Growing Instagram business organically means to attract interested audience. This audience will consist of both your competition and your customers. 

The only way to attract them is through content. And to retain them make sure you continue posting relevantly.


Content again will be different depending on your niche. Therefore Follow for Follow won’t work with people having totally different niches. Even accounts with similar niches but different goals can add less to each other’s growth.

  • One good way is to stay active and engage with your competition’s posts. Target their comment section to find potential audience
  • Put out free exclusive content that can attract this audience
  • Don’t focus on people who unfollow. They might be not your ideal customer. You have to stay true to your niche and attract audience accordingly

3. Network and collaborations

( Third of : Growing Instagram business organically )

Network by sharing your vision for your business. Use DMs and Stories to connect to the audience at a personal level. In addition, make use of post collabs and live sessions.

 Be patient if you don’t see results in the beginning. As I already said patience is the key in growing organically.


  • Make use of facebook groups, explore page on instagram. This will help to find more and more possible influencial networks.
  • Guest posts, group live sessions are a great way too. These help to build your Instagram business organically as well
  •  Engage in popular hashtags. Network with newer accounts. These also contribute to get a growing network


In conclusion, organic strategies are surely powerful and rewarding.  We just need patience and a consistent approach.

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