Marketing your small business

How to market your small business ?

Are you running a small business ? And wonder why your efforts and posts go unseen on social media ? If you want to market your small business, you have to think beyond what you want.

Reason of low response rate : Unsynchronization

You want sales of products. But Your customers need more than just your product. They need information.

Here is what you do to market your small business

  1. Showcase your products
  2. Give offers and discounts
  3. Pay for professional photoshoots, shoutouts and influencers
  4. Maintain  good profile aesthetics

Is that enough to reach your customers and get sales ? You have to stop thinking of social media as a mere product catalog . Mix education with your glamour in the process. Take leverage of your knowledge

Some examples

  •  3 Ways to Use ‘ this ______ in 3 different seasons.
  • ‘5 occasions’ on which you can wear _______
  • ‘ Do It Yourself ‘ steps with _______ to save money spent on overpriced stylists
  • ‘ Diet plan’ to reduce your weight with ______ in 1 month

Fill in the blanks with your product. This is just one way to do it. Other ways of being relevant and more social with your audience can include

  • Targeting locally
  • Showing your self on camera and building a personal brand
  • Customer/Problem specific product listings and detailed captions

Start leveraging your knowledge.

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