Selling on Social media

Selling on Social media ; Things you might be lacking

Social media is meant to connect to people. But this quality of strong and wide network of people make it a great business opportunity.
If you are also selling on social media, have a look at these attributes and see if you can improve anything.

 A solid offer

The offer, service, product should be clear when you pitch on social media. It is better you come up with a single offer at a time.

This offer could be anything, an ebook, your new product listing, a service that you offer. A very important part of this process is mentioning your offers clearly on your profile, links etc.

Will to invest

I don’t agree with the popular belief of spending thousands daily to sell. But you have to be willing to invest in advertising, growth and analytics tools, mentoring etc.

Not utilizing all social media platforms and features

Perform a research on the presence of your audience on various platforms and the features they use most.

You don’t have to be present everywhere. You just need a proper research. But you can automate your presence if you need multiple platform presence.

Ignoring content

Content is how people know more about what you do and how you help them, make it a priority.

It is the only way to generate inbound leads, ad conversions and building authority.

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