Social media marketing agency pricing for small businesses

Social media marketing agency pricing for small businesses

Here is a quick guide on marketing agency pricing for small businesses. Are you planning to skyrocket your business with online exposure? Social media advertising and web presence are your major goals ?

If yes, you having the question on the price you have to pay, is natural. Also because you are just growing and are hesistant to spend a big chunk on this new 'experiment .'

Marketing agency pricing for small businesses - Process from an agency point of view:

Marketing agency charges can be estimated precisely from their process. It also depends largely on the reputation that they have built in their specific field.

Agency market is rapidly growing. With quality and expertise comes expensive budgets. Any well known agency can charge ranging from $500 to $3000 for packages on social media (1-2 channels).

The elements that they have in place to include in the billing invoice:

1. Consultation and onboarding charges

2. Paid softwares that they use

3. Resources spent on account management and organic strategy  

4. Fees for optimizing campaigns

5. Creative resources and exclusive branding


Marketing agency pricing for small businesses- The pricing guide for an informed client :

You can follow this guide to filter before hiring any agency or individuals for your business:

1. Know what channels are really best for your business. Don’t blindly pay for packages of platforms that bring you no audience.

You as a business owner may not be totally aware of the potential of channels. I firmly believe that a business audit and consultation is what can help you discover best paths for your marketing.

2. Estimate your advertising budget. You have to be sure about how much your budget should be when all parameters are accounted for.
– Amount to be spent on facebook/google ads including the agency charges
– Platform fees like hosting charges, taxes by google/facebook
– Charges for account management and growth 
3. Talk content. Know what content you need for your business. Developing engaging content is an important task and depending on the format and development time, you should be paying.
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