Social Media Marketing

Reaching out to the people you have designed your product for seems stressful but with a well defined social media marketing strategy, you can reach and talk to your audience. A large population of almost every diversity is present in some or other platform of social media. Therer are a variety of channels for your every need such as LinkedIn for B2B marketing, Facebook or Instagram for targeted audience, TikTok or Snapchat for Influencer based promotions.

We can help to strategize your marketing plans and help you achieve the desired goals for your business.

  • For Brand Awareness
  • For Targeting potential customers on social media
  • Having Conversions
  • Creating and Maintaining a overall brand Image
  • Interacting with the audience and thereby listening to their feedback about you
  • Content Planning and creation for your social media accounts
  • Enagagement with customers and community
  • Repurposing your content and sharing in multiple platforms
  •  Tracking your competitors
  • Sell your handy e books and content links

This totally depends on the niche and audience targeting say

  • Facebook can be a good option to make your brand reach to  almost every age group, though with limited organic reach it has to be accompanied with consistent paid campaigns for better results.
  • Instagram is totally the best place you can grow as a brand because of still  hope for organic growth and the ability to share both quality pictures and videos of your brand.
  • LinkedIn to increase business collaborations and visibility to executives of companies rather than public.
  • Youtube is the best platform for distributing video and informational content with the power of google ads, visibility is also obtained in an affordable budget
  • Likewise Snapchat, Tiktok ,Pinterest are all audience specific avenues having their individual pros and cons. They too offer paid advertising and influencer marketing if that’s the need.