Strategies to get your content seen ​

What are the strategies to get your content seen ​?

Do you think your content doesn't get enough audience ? It's not about likes and comments, but you surely expect interested audience to see your content. Analyze your current performance and improve with the following strategies to get your content seen

Keep interested followers.

You might have requested everyone in your circle to follow you but they are not your audience and they do more harm than good.

If your posts go unnoticed in this majority of audience that follows you only because they are your family, algorithm gives less and less boost to it. This prevents it from reaching those who are your potential customers.

Takeaway: Bulk follow drives, Follow for follow won’t help, Forced follows ; don’t help.

Publish more content

Instead of a big piece of content, put 3 small content, 3 times a day with 3 different hashtag sets.

Best results in marketing is all about experimenting and data analysis, make sure you do that enough.

Photo of your dog is not content

When you are building up on any social media channel, try to be more professional than personal to make the interested audience stay. That will depend on your brand strategy too.

But if you want to grow as an authority don’t start with going personal. You need 99% of your content to be of the type that helps your audience solve their problems.

Evaluate your content

Comparison is not always bad. Look at your competition and see how your content is relevant comparatively.

Learn what tactics and formats work for them. Analyse your audience insights and adapt.

Share what you learn

Show confidence in your approach. Don’t wait till you know everything. You don’t have to be perfect in your posts.

Everyone learns along the journey. The best practice would be to take action and make improvements in your content and advertising.

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